Graewe und Partner

Member in International Organizations

Gräwe & Partner has strengthened its global presence by joining the MGI—a global contact network association of professionals.

MGI was founded more than 50 years ago and is a pool of legally independent professional auditors, tax advisors, and consulting firms. Today, MGI is represented globally by over 158 firms in more than 82 countries.

MGI offers its members an open access to knowledge and discussion boards. At the same time, all member companies keep their autonomy while maintaining their focus on the local targets and individual client portfolios.

The admission into the MGI network is based on the proven record of observing the principles of professional conduct and competence. The form and substance of those principles are consistently determined by the professional standard, as applicable in each country.

Due to the involvement of professional partners, MGI members ensure the top quality standard for any issue which may arise. Based on special individual and personal assistance provided by the assigned staff locally, the network members primarily focus on their building up intensive client relationships.

Regular conferences, discussion groups, and community forums at regional or international level have forged profound lasting personal global relationships under like-minded members.

In the legal sense, the companies within the MGI community have a separate and independent legal status. Gräwe & Partner is solely responsible for any clientele that will ever be assigned to the company; in no case will another audit or tax advisory firm bearing or entitled to bear the MGI label be responsible for such clients. With regard to exercising the profession, we declare, while assuming our own responsibility and independence from other members, that in the economic sense we also conduct our business independently from other MGI members.

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