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Gräwe & Partner GmbH

Gräwe & Partner GmbH

Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft • Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

(Audit • Tax Consulting Services)

Gräwe & Partner GmbH is part of the Gräwe & Partner Group. It primarily provides business consulting services for large, international and publically listed clients that are required to present their accounting records in compliance with international accounting standards.

Gräwe & Partner has international business partners with expertise in local tax issues, allowing them to benefit from localized expertise.

If, during the calendar year, auditors and audit firms perform at least one audit for a company of public interest [Section 319a, par. 1, cl. 1 of German Code of Commercial Law (HGB)], they must, in accordance with Section 55c of the German Public Accountants Act (WPO) publish on their websites, no later than three months after the calendar year has ended, a transparency report. Gräwe & Partner GmbH is also subject to this regulation. The regulation pertains to companies which make use of public shares or debt instruments in public markets (capital market-oriented companies) according to Section 2, par. 5 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG).

Gräwe & Partner GmbH conducts audits for various companies of public interest in accordance with Section 319a, par. 1, cl. 1 of HGB.

Our transparency report provides up-to-date information on our company structure, management structure, our quality assurance systems, and applicable fees.

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